Unicol Catalogue 60 - 2023

RHOBUS Video Conference & Presentation Range

Q Premium boardroom quality Q Wide choice of screen options Q Discreet cable management Q PowaLift operated options Q Lockable housing for codec etc Q Supplied with castors & static feet Q Sinterflex black or white as standard Q Single box solution

The complete corporate communications platform ...

Q All wheeled versions allow users to swap from trolley to stand

RH100 with SBM1 Soundbar Mount

RH100 with VCCS Soundbar & Camera Mount

Foot Castor

With its clean lines and superior finish options the Rhobus range of stands and trolleys answers all the needs of the corporate user – from boardroom to prestige exhibitor. Choose from the elegant single screen version through to multi-screen units to support the very latest and best in corporate communications. Ample capacity is provided within the central mast for cabling, codecs and other systems, all accessible through a locking door. Built in power socket comes as standard. Listed below is the range of standard Rhobus models including heavy duty versions (taller and for larger screens) and on the opposite page multi-screen and ultra heavy duty models with PowaLift versions shown on page 15. A wide range of accessories are available to enhance the collaborative experience. These include glass shelves, video conference camera mounts and soundbar mounts to fit most of the makes and models available. (Rhobus accessories are listed on the opposite page. Dual video conference and soundbar mounts are listed on Page 20 and video conference camera mounts on Page 21).

Heavy Duty Single Screen RH100-HD

Heavy Duty Twin Screen RH200-HD

Heavy Duty Bolt Down RHBD100-HD

Heavy Duty Floor to Wall RFWSH-HD

Single Screen RH100

Twin Screen RH200

Bolt Down RHBD100

Floor to Wall RFWSH

Rhobus Trolleys and Stands

Typically 33-70 ” screens

Typically 71-110 ” screens

80kg MAX

150kg MAX

140cm Mast Height – Standard (33” - 70”)

180cm Mast Height – Heavy Duty

Order Code


Price Ex VAT

Order Code


Price Ex VAT


1265.20 1562.80 1096.50 1083.20 1166.8 0


1780.60 2156.70 2156.70 1246.70 1157.30

Trolley/Stand– Single Screen Trolley/Stand – Twin Screen Bolt Down – Single Screen

Trolley/Stand – Single Screen (71” - 110”) Trolley – Twin Screen (71” - 86” - 2x50kg) Stand – Twin Screen (71” - 86” - 2x50kg)

Floor to Wall ( Note : Mast Height 170cm) Trolley/Stand– RH100 without screen mount

Bolt Down – (71” - 110”) Floor to Wall (71” - 110”)


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