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Nest-Star ® & Tableau TM / Stands & Trolleys

The Complete Teaching Assistant The Nest-Star® is a complete teaching assistant on wheels that can be deployed quickly and neatly stowed when not in use. This robust trolley supports your displays and securely houses your AV devices. The standard trolley comes with a plain mast. However, we understand that choice of equipment is important and will customise the rear of front of the mast section as required at an additional cost (please call for a quote) . Handles are provided for ease of movement as standard. ɿ Quick and easy deployment. ɿ Custom cut-outs are available on the front of the mast. ɿ Secure storage for players / PCs. ɿ Custom colour options are available . ɿ PowaLift® version on page 17. ɿ Video conference accessories available, see pages 30-31.

Nest footprint shown from underneath

Standard Nest-Star Trolley (NST1)

Screen Size

Weight Capacity

Dimensions (H x W x Dmm)

Cost £ (Exc. VAT) 1510.20 1585.70

VESA Fixing (Min / Max)

Part Code & Description



NST1 | Standard Plain Mast Trolley (Screen Centre: 1500mm) NST2 | HD Plain Mast Trolley (Screen Centre: 1500mm)

1550 x 1407 x 710 56.3kg 33 - 70” 200x200 / 600x400 80kg 1550 x 1407 x 710 62.9kg 71 - 90” 300x300 / 1000x600 150kg

Large Screen Lecterns Fixed Height / Fixed Angled Version A rigid and stable platform with fixed angle screen mount. The mast incorporates two compartments, both 344(w) x 95(d) – 1 x 280(h) & 1 x 398 (h), to house small devices together with cabling. Base unit has resilient, non-marking feet and clearance for cables routed beneath. Operated by manual switch, screens can be commanded to rise or descend smoothly through 500mm, stopping safely when required. Screen angle can be manually moved through 90 o and locked at any point. TL2HD comes with mount and full cable management. Height & Tilt Adjustable Version


Height & Tilt Adjustable Tableau+ (TL2HD)


Please state screen make and model when ordering. Please note: TL2HD prices quoted are ex-works as this unit is despatched by dedicated courier or may be collected.

Screen Size

Weight Cap.

Dimensions (H x W x Dmm) 1068 x 740 x 579

Cost £ (Exc. VAT)

VESA Fixing (Min / Max)

Part Code & Description



TL1 | Fixed Height / Angled Version (Screen Centre: 930mm) TL2HD | Adjustable Version (Screen Centre: 1000-1500mm)


41.7kg 33 - 70” 200x200 / 600x400 80kg


1000-1500 x 1085 x 750 67.7kg 71 - 110”




Order via email to sales@unicol.com, online at unicol.com, or call our sales team on +44 (0)1865 767676

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