Unicol Catalogue 60 - 2023

Motorised Stands, Trolleys

Electronic control & PowaLift technology combine in these versatile units.

Q Safe, smooth operation Q Well proven technology Q Quality, long life components Q For screens 33 to 110 inch Q Controllable by remote fob or manual switch – all supplied with unit Operated by wireless remote or manual switch, screens can be commanded to rise or descend smoothly through 700mm, stopping safely at any point. These units serve many requirements, particularly in the field of education, enabling young children or wheel chair users to interact with touch screens. ‘Touch of a button’ height control also makes it easy to move from one location to another through doorways. Screen mount, hand held remote with manual switch and 4-way power socket supplied as standard.

approved & Equality Act 2010 compliant


Smooth Powered Operation

Floor to Wall Version Using the same proven mast technology as our trolley version these units allow fixed installation with the benefit of compactness and slim profile. Order Code £ Ex Vat AVMW71 33” to 70” 1060.50 £ Ex Vat AVMW91 71” to 110” 1195.80 State make & model of screen Standard Order Code Heavy Duty

100kg MAX


Trolley Version Order Code

150kg MAX

Laptop Arm fully extends & articulates Laptop Platform Order Code £ Ex Vat AVML7 173.50

£ Ex Vat

AVMT71 33” to 70” 1350.30 State make & model of screen (For europlug versions add E at the end of each order code)

Rear of unit shown with 4-way power socket and antenna.

Typically 33-98 ” screens

Typically 33-70 ” screens

There is a range of PC housings to fit these units Call for details

100kg MAX

Rhobus RHPL100HD Trolley with ‘Touch of a button’ PowaLift technology to raise and lower screens smoothly through 700mm.

For larger screens the Rhobus Powalift version has all the functionality of the original - above.

Q For screens 71 to 110 inch Q Safe, smooth operation Q Quality, long life components

150kg MAX

Smooth Powered Operation

Q Bolt down & Floor toWall versions available Q Controlled by remote fob or manual switch – all supplied with unit

Typically 71-110 ” screens

Order Code

£ Ex Vat


HD PowaLift – Floor to Wall (71” - 110”) 1909.35

RHPL100HD HD PowaLift – Trolley (71” - 110”)





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