Unicol Catalogue 60 - 2023

Protective Covers

Protective Covers for up to 70” screens

Screen Protective Covers 5mm thick, clear, anti-shatter screen with a metal bezel provides a durable front cover for screens. Two landscape versions are available, one that clips to the screen (square corners only), the other attaches to the wall (square & rounded corners available). For portrait versions use order code PCP instead of PCL below. Anti-reflective screens also available. We can supply bespoke versions in branded colours including logos. – Call for details. Landscape clip-on (square corners) (Screen mount required with these units)

Landscape wall mounted (square or rounded corners) (Screen mount included with these units)

Portrait wall mounted Cover PCP7 with standard square corners. (bespoke screen branding retained) – Heathrow Airport T5

Order Code PCL5 PCL7 PCL8

Square corners

£ Ex Vat

540.80 574.40 632.10

Wall mounted - 15” to 32” Wall mounted - 33” to 57” Wall mounted - 58” to 70”

Order Code £ Ex Vat PCL10 Wall mounted - 15” to 32” 865.20 PCL11 Wall mounted - 33” to 57” 898.40 PCL12 Wall mounted - 58” to 70” 956.10 Anti-reflective screen – additional price £67.20 Rounded corners

Portrait wall mounted Cover PCP11 with rounded corners Leeds Bradford Airport

Typically 15-70 ” screens

Order Code PCL0 PCL1 PCL2

Minimum 5mm screen bezel Clip-on - 15” to 32” Clip-on - 33” to 57” Clip-on - 58” to 70”

£ Ex Vat

255.00 288.40 346.10

Typical landscape clip-on versionwith square corners

Rear Covers We design and manufacture custommade rear covers for a wide range of screen sizes. These enhance any installation and provide a neat appearance enabling cables & connections to be hidden when screens are installed in open areas. Full screen versions or partial covers to enclose only the cables & connections are available. £ Ex Vat BCW1 Full covers - screens 33” to 57” 388.30 BCW2 Full covers - screens 58” to 70” 488.40 Call us for details quotingmake &model of screens being installed Order Code

Tesco Stores


Typically 33-70 ” screens

The UNICOL Difference Our outdoor housings and covers look so good and work so well because each one is tailor made to perfectly fit the screen of your choice. Our advanced Oxford manufacturing facility and screen database enables us to do this, with all Outdoor Housings made in durable corrosion proofed aluminium for long term good looks. All offered with a reliable & prompt delivery service – usually within 5 to 7 days. A perfect result in rapid time!




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