Unicol Catalogue 60 - 2023

Projector Suspension Units

Standard colour Sinterflex Black – also available in SinterflexWhite

U n i c o l P r o j e c t o r S u s p e n s i o n U n i t s

Our PSU (Projector Suspension Unit) range covers all makes of projectors. Each mount is specifically designed for the individual projector models listed, supporting the projector either inverted or in a cradle according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

Copyright Hilar Lloyd, Photo court sy f Sadie Coles HQ, London

PSU Specials

Direct Fixing

Cradle Units

Copyright: Hillary Lloyd, courtesy Sadie Coles HQ, London

PSU shown

PSC shown

An alternative method of projector mounting, either to meet a projector’s optical needs or to give protection to projectors when used in ‘location to location’ or hire circumstances. Micro Adjustment ® This 2 axis micro adjustment factory fitted option is available for most PSU units and provides

The preferred method of projector mounting. All our PSU mounts are designed to align accurately with the projector mounting holes and take account of cooling or lamp access needs. All PSU mounts are now available as micro adjustable versions having 2 axis, level & tilt. (See centre panel). Order Code Max weights shown below: £ Ex Vat PSU1 Standard version (40kg) 138.00 PSU2 Heavy Duty version (70kg) 170.00 PSC Cradle version (40kg) 172.00 VSU Vertical aspect version (40kg) 165.00 PPSU Portrait version (40kg) 271.20 PSM Micro-adjustable version (40kg) 206.80 Trim Disc Gives a neat finish where columns pass through suspended ceilings. Order Code £ Ex Vat TD1 4.85

We have a wealth of expertise in the design and manufacture of all kinds of projector suspension units to meet client’s special requirements. These include mounts for downward or upward projection, multi-projector units, 3D rigs and one-off projects. – Call us for your next installation

a range of precision adjustment in level and tilt.

Registered Design

Retro Trim Disc Allows fitting after installation for a neat finish. Order Code £ Ex Vat TDRF 20.00

Blanking Disc Blanks holes in ceiling tiles from 6mm to 60mm. Order Code £ Ex Vat TDB1 6.20

Photos courtesy of Snelling Business Systems


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