Unicol Catalogue 60 - 2023

Projector Mounts – Universal Range

Standard colour Sinterflex black – also available in white

These products are the subject of UK and USA design rights. UK Registered Design 3011575. UK Trade Mark 2244062. US Patent 10/049390.


With Universal Mounts

These universal mounts offer a wide range of adjustment not only to cover widely differing projector screw fixing centres but also allow clearance for contour variations often found in projector design. A universal screw pack to cover most projectors is included.

Shown in white as a no cost option. Black as standard

Typical GKU1 version

Typical GKU1 version

12kg MAX

230 - 300 mm

Typical KPR column version universal kit

Gyrolock Standard Universal Order Code Height £ Ex Vat GKU1 230 to 300mm 89.80 GKU2 230 to 700mm 108.10 Camera Screw Version GK0 230 to 300mm 66.90

GKUT1 truss clamp version

12kg MAX

GK0 camera screw version

12kg MAX

12kg MAX

230 - 300 mm

GKUX Compact

12kg MAX

12kg MAX

Gyrolock Long Adjustable from 700 to1200mm (suspension only) Order Code £ Ex Vat GKU3 114.90 DedicatedGAP version Order Code £ Ex Vat GK3 174.60

Truss Clamp Version Universal mount with standard truss clamp fitting. For all trusses 45 – 55mm dia.

Column Version Universal Kits Order Code Column mm

Gyrolock Compact Easy installation Fixed height

£ Ex Vat

KPR15CB 110.00 KPR110CB 1000 130.00 KPR120CB 2000 160.00 KPR130CB 3000 190.00 500

Order Code GKUT1 GKUT3

Extension mm 230 - 300 700 - 1200

£ Ex Vat

109.80 134.80

Order Code GKUX

£ Ex Vat

69.10 Gyrolock Parts & Accessories

Wide range available

Gyrolock TrimDisc Shaped to fit Gyrolock mast. Gives a neat finish to installations through suspended ceilings. Order Code £ Ex Vat GKTD 4.90 Q For standard column trim discs see page 22.

Universal Adapter Plate Designed to fit most projectors. Order Code £ Ex Vat GAPU 44.30 EU Registered Design 00221072-0001 12kg MAX

Column Suspension Version Universal mount for direct column connection. See Page 22 for columns & ceiling plates. Order Code £ Ex Vat GKU4 69.50 12kg MAX

Adapter Plates Enables changeover whenever replacing projector. State make & model when ordering. Order Code £ Ex Vat GAP 44.30 20kg MAX




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