Unicol Catalogue 61 - 2024


All-In-One Mounts / LED

NEW! All-In-One Mounts Dedicated to all-in-one screens from 110" up to 200" and available in floor-to-wall, floor to-ceiling and ceiling suspended. These mounts embody many innovative design features including concealed cable management, precise screen alignment, and in the case of the floor to-ceiling and suspended versions, ability to cope with high or even sloping ceilings. ɿ Wide range of installation options. ɿ Easy ordering & fast turnaround available. ɿ For all-in-one displays from 110" to 200". ɿ Adaptable for custom add-ons, speakers & more. ɿ Ideal for Optoma, LG, Viewsonic and most other all-in-one screens.

Example Floor-to-Wall All-in-One Mount (FWUHD)

Example Ceiling Suspended All-in-One Mount (KPUHD3CB)

Example Floor-to-Ceiling All-in-One Mount with Sample All-In-One LED Screen (FCUHD)

Please state LED tile make and model when ordering. Our All-in-One LED product range is subject to continuous development. Final products may therefore vary slightly from illustration shown.

Dimensions (H x W x Dmm)

Cost £ (Exc. VAT)

Part Code & Description


Screen Size Colour

FCUHD | Floor-to-Ceiling All-In-One LED Mount FWUHD | Floor-to-Wall All-In-One LED Mount KPUHD3CB | Ceiling Suspended All-In-One LED Mount


4120 x 2800 x 261 2597 x 2800 x 242 2720 x 2800 x 358

135.8kg 110.1kg 111.4kg

110 - 200" 110 - 200" 110 - 200"

A fun addition to our product range. What started out as a one-off promotional giveaway has proved so popular we have been asked to include it in our product range with many being requested in house colours and branding where sufficient volumes allow. NEW!

UNICOL Mobile Phone Holders

Cost £ (Exc. VAT)

Part Code & Description


UPH1 | Mobile Phone Holder (minimum order quantity x25)



Order via email to sales@unicol.com, online at unicol.com, or call our sales team on +44 (0)1865 767676

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